The Byre At Inchyra Wedding Venue

The Byre At Inchyra Wedding – Perthshire Scotland The Location The Byre At Inchyra is one of our favourite wedding venues to visit in Perthshire, Scotland. We find ourselves drawn to the cosy and rustic atmosphere this wedding venue creates. Literally a stones throw away from the A90 this quiet and tranquil Perthshire wedding venue […]

What Is Our Secret?

Our Secret to 5 star Reviews     One thing we never took into consideration when starting the business would be the amount of reviews we would receive. 1 year and 9 months later with over 40, 5 star reviews we never would have expected to have had such amazing feedback on our photo booth […]

Keeping Your Memories Safe Forever

How To Keep Your Memories Safe The Odd Box Team know all too well how important your memories are, if you think about it, without memories to reflect on, life would be rather empty. Thankfully it is not, it is actually full almost overflowing with activities, events, tiny special moments and all the good stuff […]

Introducing The Original Booth

The Original Photo Booth   So you may have noticed some changes around here, or not. We don’t blame you, it’s not like you just broke our hearts . . . . . . . ah we only jest. It would take a tsunami of terror to wipe the smile off our odd little faces […]

Photo Booth Hire Reduces Stress

Photo Booth Hire Reduces Stress Photo Booths reduce stress! Yes it may be an odd title, but it’s quite obvious that’s just right down our street. To you clever little devils out there you’re already saying “yeah yeah nothing new, laughter decreases stress and you’ll have a hoot in a photo booth so . . […]

20 Free photo booth sessions

20 free photo booth sessions   New kid on the block So there’s a new kid on the block, and it has got the Odd Box team EXCITED! It’s a printer. to be precise it is a DNP DS-620 Bit of an anti-climax, sorry for that but in all fairness it isn’t just any printer, […]

4 weird Fairytales you never knew existed

4 Weird Fairytales You Never Knew Existed So there’s a big ball coming up, for a rather big University and their theme is everything Fairytales. Well lets use the word “every” lightly, you see we decided to do a little digging ourselves to familiarise our self with the variety of Fairytales we used to hear […]

Discover Your Scottish Wedding Venue Step 3

Crash Your Wedding Venue Step 3 – Visit It Congratulations, you did it. See we told you it wouldn’t be too hard if you follow these 3 simple steps to find your wedding venue. This is where the fun begins, at the very end of the wedding venue search as well but it is all […]

3 steps to discover your perfect Scottish Wedding Venue

HOW TO PICK THE PERFECT SCOTTISH WEDDING VENUE Recently engaged and looking to book your Scottish wedding venue? We thought you would be, you both deserve the perfect wedding venue in Scotland, it’s your big day after all. Although your first thoughts may be to book that swanky city hotel or to secure your dream […]

5 tips for wedding success 2016

5 tips for wedding success in 2016 The Perfect Wedding Looking to plan the perfect wedding for 2016? You aren’t alone, the New Year is prime time for engagements, not to steal your thunder but you may not be the only one in the wedding planning boat, it helps to know which direction to row […]