Wedding Photo Booth

Capture those special moments with your Odd Box wedding photo booth

Your wedding day will have lots of special moments.

So many that it may be difficult to take them all in.

Ease any wedding stress you may have by hiring a wedding photo booth.

Capturing the fun moments with your guests has never been more simple & your guests receive prints to take away as a keepsake.

Your Odd Box photo booth will look great in your venue.

All your guests will be kept entertained while receiving keepsakes and after your wedding is over they will be able to access their high quality photos from your online gallery.

Your gallery can be password protected so only guests with the password can access them.

Wedding Photo Booth Hire Scotland Odd Box


Wedding Tips

Wedding photo booths are popular for a reason & we have plenty of tips to help you


When should I start the photo booth hire?

Normally anytime after your first dance is a great time to start. This is usually when the party atmosphere begins so your guests can make the most of the hire time. Your evening guests will also arrive if you have invited any.

Depending on your wedding you may have different timings or needs.

Perhaps you have a long turnaround time between the end of dinner and the start of the dancing. In that case it may be best to start your hire just after the meal is due to finish. No matter what your requirements are, we can always advise you on the best time to start your hire.


How long to set up?

We usually only need 5 minutes to load in.

From there the photo booth is already set up. We require a further 20-30 minutes to finalise your props & backdrop.

Set up is very quick and seamless but we are normally on site 1 hour before your hire start time.

If you need your photo booth set up quicker or for a specific time please get in touch and we will be happy to help.


Where should we locate the photo booth?

Normally the best location for the photo booth is within the main room for your evening reception or in a separate room.

Normally this depends on your wedding and venue.

If you are unsure just get in touch, we have been to countless venues across Scotland and can help you find the best location.

Ideally you want the photo booth to be within sight of most guests but in an area away from dancing.


How does the guest book work?

Each time guests use the photo booth they receive 2 prints. If you have booked a guest book with Odd Box we will supply pens and glue so guests can easily leave a print in your book & they keep the other print.

This means you will have a copy of all the prints (if all guests leave a copy that is!) and your guests can simply use the photo booth again for more prints.


Which backdrop is best?

The choice is entirely yours. We have 3 backdrops which you can choose from.

The best backdrop may actually already be at your venue!

If you have a nice feature wall in your venue we highly recommend using it as the backdrop.

Not only will your prints look amazing & unique, you are incorporating your wedding venue with those special moments.


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