Wooden Guest Book Options

Create a story book of pictures and messages to capture your special event in style.

All Odd Box Guest Books are supplied by Alfalfa Designs who creates amazing wooden laser engraved guest books.

We have a variety of wooden guest books available so you can choose the perfect guest book for your event.


Plain Blank Odd Box Guest Book Wedding Memory Book
Blank Wooden Guest Book Alfalfa Designs Engraving

Blank Guest Book

Whether you are on a tight budget or appreciate the simplicity of a plain wooden guest book this might just be the one for you.

The Blank wooden Guest Book features the same hand finished quality as the engraved guest books containing 100 use-able sheets.

Complete the minimalist and clean cut look with this lovely slice of nature ideal for a boho or rustic themed wedding/event.


Standard Guest Book Design
Standard Guest Book Close Up

Standard Guest Book

Alfalfa Designs has an ever expanding range of standard guest book designs created to match a certain look or theme for your wedding/event.

You can view the full range of standard design guest books on Alfalfa Designs Etsy Shop.

If you would like to use your wooden guest book prior to your photo booth hire you can per-order your guest book from Alfalfa Designs directly.


Eden Leisure Village Custom Wooden Guest Book Odd Box Glasgow Wedding
Custom 1920's Wooden Wedding Guest Book Odd Box

Custom/Personalised Guest Book

Alfalfa Designs will help you create your very own custom/personalised wooden guest book.

The opportunities are endless but a good start is to use your wedding/event theme to create a matching and memorable wooden guest book.

Simply include a custom guest book with your photo booth hire and we will work with you to create your very own unique wooden guest book.

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